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The story of the Continental Hôtel

At the heart of Reims for 150 years

A former private residence created by the architect Max Berthelin for the David family working in the spinning industry, the building was then rented to the De Velveix family for a few years, before being bought in 1880 by Mr. and Mrs. Nivers. The couple transformed the building and founded the Grand Hotel Continental. For nearly 35 years they remained at the head of this establishment before passing it on to the Criton family in 1914.

In 1929, the Delvaux family took over the reins of the prestigious hotel. The family remained the owners for three generations. The hotel and restaurant were separated when Mr. Lantenois bought the restaurant in 1971, but were reunited by Annick and Philippe Delvaux in 2011.

The association of the Fayet and Victor-Pujebet families bought the complex in June 2017. A major renovation project was then commenced to endow the hotel with architectural unity. Today, the establishment consists of four buildings added over its 150 years of history.

Renamed the Continental Hotel, it proudly displays the richness of its past through its French hospitality and the attention paid to its guests every day.

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